The founders and associate members of NourConsult are a group of top notch Egyptian professionals with highest international credentials and sound accomplishments records in multinational environments. They represent an ideal media for controlled transfer of technology. The company will distribute and service high tech products in Egypt and neighbouring countries.



NourConsult is the Egyptian Partner furnishing local support of QPR collaborative management software

QPR system  pleasantly  Commit People to

corporate strategy and motivate them  working for mutual goals by sharing company’s vision, strategy, financial and operational targets.








Implement telecommunication and broadcasting systems integration with optimum utilization of local resources for private,

private/public, and public applications.      ....... More

Engineer irrigation projects and Conduct environmental investigations to assess compliance to the locally prevailing environmental regulations and evaluate

potential human health and environmental impacts. .......More

Introduce and inject Hi-Tech solutions into the local Health-care sector in a feasible pace. Recommend, design, and implement health care and patient

follow up systems for private clinics and small size hospitals ...... More

Comprehend the actual local & remote training, tutorial and educational requirements / goals and develop supporting telecommunication and

broadcasting systems with appropriate interfaces to existing facilities/users.....More
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